Opening Schindhelm Office Taicang, China

The German Centre Taicang and the Schindhelm Office Taicang have been opened on 2nd June 2016 in a ceremony which high ranking representatives of the province Jiangsu, the city of Taicang, the German Counsel General as well as a large number of guest have attended. Schindhelm Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft has been represented by the partners Dr. Bernhard Heringhaus, Matthias Kirsch and Rüdiger Erfurt, while the Schindhelm-Partners from Spain, Mr. Fernando Lozano, as well as from Poland, Mr. Konrad Schampera, also attended. Please look here for Details.

New at Schindhelm: Strong Network in Asia

By way of the newly established Asia Network we offer profound legal advice in Asia with reliable and competent local partners. Therefore, our Asian engagement which commenced in 2010 by setting-up our Asia Desk (previously China Desk) and the Shanghai Office has now been broadened and strengthened.

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