Contract Law and Standard Terms and Conditions

Contracts and Standard Terms and Conditions are the basis of all entrepreneurial activity. The negotiation and legal formulation of contracts not only secures the company's own legal position; it facilitates the enforcement of the resulting claims in the first place.

We provide you with comprehensive support in all matters of contract law, starting with advice with regard to the choice of contract, accompaniment in contract negotiations, the development of the company's own or the checking of contractual formulations of third parties to effective signing of the contract.

In the process, we consider all issues that could be relevant for the legal drafting of your contracts:

  • Factory Equipment and Environmental Law
  • Distance Selling Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Commercial Tenancy Law
  • Sales Representative and Authorised Dealer Law
  • Licence Agreement Law
  • Trademark and Copyright Law
  • Online and IT Law
  • Sales and Franchise Law
  • Service Agreement Law.

Irrespective of the legal field concerned, we have the know-how and the experience to provide you with comprehensive advice in the watertight drafting of your contracts.

In addition, contract controlling has grown considerably in importance due to the ever more complex changes in the law. We determine the status quo of the contracts in your company and check and revise individual contracts as required, thus guaranteeing that your contracts are legal.

The focus areas of our activity include, among others:

Contract Law

  • Contract controlling, i.e. the checking of content and legal aspects of existing contracts and the determination of the status quo of the contracts in the company
  • Accompaniment of the contractual negotiations until contract closure
  • Redrafting of all kinds of contract, in particular:
    • Corporate agreements
    • Sales agreements
    • Franchise agreements
    • Cooperation agreements
    • Sponsoring and compensation agreements
    • Licence agreements
    • Research and development agreements
    • Plant agreements
    • Commercial tenancy agreements
    • Accompaniment in the termination and post-contractual handling of contractual relationships
    • Judicial enforcement of contractual claims or termination measures

Standard Terms and Conditions

  • Checking and revision of Standard Terms and Conditions and adaptation to changes in the law
  • Development of new Standard Terms and Conditions
  • Creation of specific Standard Terms and Conditions, for instance, for the online sector