Trading on the Internet (online trading, online shopping, etc.) has grown rapidly over the last few years. A large number of goods and (digital) products are offered for sale on the Internet. Internet auctions are also particularly popular. Often, the possibilities presented by a web shop are also used for marketing purposes. Depending on the participants - B2C – Business-to-Consumer or B2B – Business-to-Business -, electronic trading can be designed to meet individual requirements.

For an Internet presence with (online) web shop and also for any other Internet presence and other web-based applications, comprehensive information obligations and consumer protection regulations must be complied with pursuant to the relevant statutory provisions (German Civil Code (BGB), Introductory Law to the Civil Code (EGBGB), Telemedia Act, Price Information Regulations, etc.). We advise you on the definition of the legal boundary parameters of your Internet presence, support you in avoiding conflicts with customers, authorities and competitors and formulate with you legally valid Standard Terms and Conditions and data protection declarations (privacy policy).