Online data protection and "EuroPriSe"

The European data protection seal of quality "EuroPriSe" certifies the compliance of an IT product and/or web-based service with EU data protection law. It is thus possible to highlight IT products and IT services that comply with the provisions of the European Union relating to the protection of the individual's private sphere and data security.

Against the backdrop of ever more complex IT products and/or web-based services and ever more frequent interventions in the private sphere of an individual through the use of personal data, the data protection seal of quality EuroPriSe is an efficient tool to distinguish products and/or services that comply with data protection regulations. This means that trust can be gained, thus also generating a competitive advantage.

As an accredited EuroPriSe legal expert, Dr. Michael M. Pachinger is available to you for the appraisal of your products and services as part of your EuroPriSe certification procedure.