Corporate sucession

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a wealthy private individual – we provide you with comprehensive assistance in the formulation of corporate succession, both in the structuring and transfer of your assets to the next generation.

With your personal and commercial goals firmly in our sights, we formulate will and inheritance agreements for you, represent you in disputes relating to statutory part law and in appeals against last wills and disputes among communities of heirs.

With corporate succession, we draft a succession planning that is tailored to your company and your personal situation and accompany the implementation by formulating the corresponding agreements and last wills. In the process,all aspects relating to inheritance, family, company and tax law are included in the consulting.

Another focus of consulting is the advising of foundations and their founders. From the establishment and recognition of the foundation to the maintenance of charitable status and changes to the statutes and restructuring, we show you your scope for manoeuvre and accompany you from planning to successful implementation.

Our focus areas of consulting in detail:

Law of corporate succession

  • Company transfer to family members
    • Advising with regard to inheritance, family and tax law
    • Restructuring of the company before or after the transfer
    • Financial protection of the entrepreneur and his or her spouse
    • Articles of association and consultant agreements
    • Pre-nuptial agreements, wills, inheritance agreements, inheritance and statutory part waiver agreements
  • Transfer of companies to people outside of the family
    • Disposal of the company (asset deal, share deal)
    • Leasing of the company
    • Participation of third parties in the company
    • The setting up of a foundation before or after the inheritance case
    • Advising of the founder and the foundation
    • Non-profit-making foundations
    • Family foundations
    • Other foundations

Foundations, non-profit making companies and organisations

  • Advising on the establishment, set-up and recognition before the authorities,
  • assistance in the handling of all fiscal matters
  • Special issues of charitable status law
  • Representation before the financial authorities and courts
  • Delimitation of commercial operations from special purpose enterprises
  • Maintenance of charitable status
  • Advising on the restructuring of the organisation, the outsourcing of services from a commercial, fiscal and legal perspective
  • Changes in the statutes
  • Partnerships